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Hello, and welcome to my website.

I'm Dr. B.K. Edmond, the author of Nana and The Bushwoman and founder of the B. Edmond Project. I'm a medical doctor, a husband, a father, a brother, a son, and a friend. Raised in southwest Atlanta and a product of HBCU and Ivy League higher education, I'm constantly seeking new ways to serve. 


My daily prayer is to have a crystal clear mind to use the full scope of my knowledge to adequately care for my patients, to have a silver tongue so that I might communicate in a seamless manner with the care team and to have a heart of gold such that no man may have cause to question my honorable intentions.


The B. Edmond Project seeks to use the art form of storytelling to enlighten, encourage and impact the physical, spiritual, mental and social health of all communities.


Dr. B.K. Edmond 

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Project NANA is here to educate and empower Black women and gender-expansive persons who are impacted by Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

The B. Edmond Project, along with partner organizations, SisterLove, Inc. , Women With a Vision (WWAV), and Dr. Mausiki Scales of Common Ground Collective were in the Big Easy during the Essence Festival having our own event building awareness for breast health through the NANA Project, an 18-month initiative funded by Gilead Sciences. The New Alliance for Novel Approaches (NANA) Project's primary goal is to engage Black people who are living with, or are survivors of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) and to implement a unique, cultural, and practical community education based in part on the successful short novel, “Nana and the Bushwoman”, by Dr. B.K. Edmond. 

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