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Get your copy of Nana and the Bushwoman autographed by the author, Dr. B.K. Edmond.


Nana is a 33 year old Ghanaian woman. Highly educated and having lived in the U.S. the past 15 years she's evolved into a very successful woman, exceeding in everything except for love. Though modern, she finds herself still bound to the customary ways of her people when she honors a pledge to return home to Ghana for an arranged marriage. She hides from her American Soul Sister friends the small detail that she is returning to become the third wife of a Crown Prince who has stolen her heart. Her challenge presents itself in the form of the Prince's strong willed Aunt and matriarch who is unaffectionately referred to by the urban half of the family as the Bushwoman. The Bushwoman fits the name as she lives in the traditional village, is bound to the customary ways and speaks only in village dialect. Mysteries unfold when Nana is required to spend four weeks living with the Bushwoman in the home village. Life with the Bushwoman is filled with surprises that blend the traditional with the modern to educate Nana about purpose, love, marriage, health, family and sisterhood. With wisdom, versatility and greatness this beautifully veiled health message crosses cultural and generational lines to guide Nana and the reader on how best to "Seize All of Life's Blessings and Live."


You can also purchase a copy of Nana and the Bushwoman on Amazon, Audiobooks, and iBooks.

Nana and the Bushwoman - Autographed Copy

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